Horse hoof improvement and healthier after using Horse Hoof Oil


Horse Hoof

Horse Hoof Oil is a high quality equine healthcare product that has been expertly formulated to moisturize and nourish the hoof and help prevent a multitude of problems, like hoof splitting, sand cracks and white line disease.

Developed by farrier Guy Jones after more than 20 years’ industry experience, Horse Hoof Oil is created from a unique blend of nutrient-rich hemp oil and eucalyptus oil, known for its purifying and antiseptic properties.

It has been proven in trials to promote healthy hoof growth and help prevent horses from losing shoes, as well as protecting against common ailments associated with cracked, dry, brittle hooves, which if left untreated could develop into more serious problems like hoof lameness. Using Horse Hoof Oil can also lead to increased sole and frog growth for more wear and resistance.

Guy has been shoeing and barefoot trimming since 1992 and his expertise is based on work with a range of clients, including racehorses, eventers, hackers, hunters, sports ponies and polo ponies. He has delivered hoof care treatment to horses in Britain and overseas and spent time studying the effects of several factors on a horse’s hoof. He developed Horse Hoof Oil in response to an ever-increasing demand for a product that delivered an aesthetic shine appearance while nurturing and improving the quality of the hoof and the coronary band.

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