Horse Hoof Oil


Two Summers ago my horse "Posh" was not growing any quality hoof and as the feet crumbled and dried out my Farrier suggested removing the shoes as he was unable to improve the situation. Posh did not like being barefoot as the ground was hard and I had a fit horse that was not growing any hoof. After a one and a half hours shoeing appointment and careful shoeing I applied Horse Hoof Oil and 8 weeks later their shoes were still on and new growth was evident at the coronary band. Last summer "Posh" had excellent feet all season and I have every confidence in recommending Horse Hoof Oil to nourish and grow the hoof.

- Diane Bowyer, Marbury, cheshire.

Horse Hoof Oil used to nourish and grow horse hoof

We bought our 2 cobs, Bella & Dolly, 2 years ago. Dolly’s feet were in a very poor condition, cracked and very small feet for a gypsy cob! Our vet was worried and x-rayed her feet to check for pedal bone movement! Thank goodness there was none- just terribly poor hooves!!!

After some remedial shoeing and use of a well known hoof oil her feet improved but only very slightly. We were then recommended to use “Horse Hoof Oil” , by our farrier. Well the difference after a few weeks was amazing and I can honestly say that after 6 months her hooves were looking larger and so much healthier. Now after 2 years her feet are almost double the size and in perfect condition. Bellas hooves also improved and I can say that my nails have also improved(I use it on my hands especially in winter-it’s better than any hand cream!!!!!) It is also so easy to apply-not gloopy and absorbs into the hoof so well-also smells lovely!!!

I could not recommend this product more highly to anyone who cares about their four legged friends!!!

-Joy & Keith Griffiths, Dolly & Bella from Shropshire

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